LUG 78 has ended
Welcome to Rochester and the 78th LUG meeting - celebrating 25 years!
Thursday, September 19 • 8:30am - 9:30am
RDi Use Cases/Edmund Reinhardt

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RDi Use Cases: RDi is the ultimate swiss army knife for IBM i development.  Let's look at some of the different tasks that you can use it for. 1) Help! My boss just threw me a bug in this massive ugly code base.  How can I get my arms around how this thing is supposed to work? 2) Help! We keep shipping bugs to our customers and it looks bad.  How can I know my code is tested? 3) Help! I am developing embedded SQL, how can I know this query is getting the info I need with acceptable performance? 4) Help! I am developing embedded SQL and the MS SQL guys just threw me this long query I am supposed to embed in my RPG. 5) Help! I need to fix the behavior and appearance of a green screen.  The last DDS DSPF expert just retired. 6) Help! I need to write some Java/Python/? code and store it in the IFS 7) Help! I need to write a web service to call my RPG program. and more... RDi to the rescue when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Thursday September 19, 2019 8:30am - 9:30am
025-2 E105 (Main Tent)